Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strike Duty Alternatives & Hardship

CAN'T Picket on the York Lines?

Alternative Strike Duty is available for members who face physical/medical /legal/familial circumstances that prevent them from standing on a picket line. As systems get set up at HQ, tasks and projects are becoming apparent for those on Alt-Duties. Please bear with us in getting you connected. Your strike pay will not be affected by these delays. :>

To sign up for alternative duties contact alternativeduty.3903@gmail.com.

Hardship Funds
If you're already feeling the pinch from the strike, CUPE 3903 has a fund (grants and temporary relief loans) to help members in emergencies. The committee met this week to finalize the hardship fund guidelines and protocol. Stay tuned!

In the meantime please contact cupe3903strikebenefits@gmail.com or call Strike HQ at Tel: 416-661-3394 with any urgent concerns or questions.