Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3903 Remembers with Solidarity and Pride

We Remember with Solidarity and Pride!

To Members of the Public and the York University Community:

Today, the striking members of CUPE 3903 remember the sacrifices made by soldiers across the world in the name of peace. The freedoms we enjoy today, including the freedom of association and free unions have evolved in part because of such struggles.

The right to be associated in a union, the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike are also the result of struggles of workers, including workers in times of war. In the later part of the Second World War, including in Ontario, there were waves of strikes across North America for better pay, better working conditions, and union recognition.

This Remembrance Day, we the educational workers at York University are on the picket line as we continue this proud tradition of fighting for the recognition of the wealth and value working people create in our workplaces. We ask for your support in our struggle for job security, health benefits and fair compensation for our work. We ask for your patience as we peacefully exercise our legal right to strike and picket. With you, we remember and honour both the workers who fought for peace and also those workers who fought for our freedom to combine in unions.

For peace and a fair contract! In Solidarity
CUPE 3903 Contract Faculty, Teaching and Graduate Assistants