Thursday, November 6, 2008

Report for Picket Duty!

Members of CUPE 3903, our friends and our allies, will be picketing York University at Keele and Glendon campuses from 7am to 7pm, M-F - until further notice.

Where do I go to picket?

Each department has been assigned a different entrance to the university to picket. You will report to your department’s entrance and find the picket captain (person likely caring a clipboard and megaphone) who will get you organized. If you don't have this info, GO TO STRIKE HQ.

What do I bring? What will I do?
Come in comfortable clothes and shoes, as if ready for a 5 hour hike, and bring a day pack of basics (food, water, notepad, bandaids for blisters....). Bring some fun as well - cameras, noisemakers, musical instruments, and markers for personalizing picket signs! Best of all, bring a friend.

For more about picketing, visit the "Picketing FAQ" on the CUPE 3903 main website at: